It’s the most cliché answer: I got into librarianship for the books. My illusion of a long life of children’s books and story hours soon gave way to a love for information, fostered by my background in journalism and the love for learning that comes from reporting. I am now active in the worlds of journalism, public relations and marketing, libraries and technology, and loving every minute of it.

I currently work as a courseware support librarian at a major research university. My professional interests include usability, user experience design, educational technology, social media, and the ongoing evolution of learning management systems. I often look to other fields, particularly technology and business, for inspiration in the workplace.

With so many big issues facing today’s libraries, I find myself with far too many deep thoughts in my head. Writing gives me the opportunity to truly synthesize research, opinions and reality to help move libraries and information organizations forward through these challenging times. Please come back soon, and we’ll start the conversation.

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