Expanding the Box: Great Links for Librarians

I read a lot each week, and I would like to share the non-library posts I find most inspiring for my work in libraries. I hope this will be a regular series that gives librarians an opportunity to expand their thought circles about how to tackle our toughest issues.

Four Questions Worth Answering from Seth Godin: Answer these questions, then determine what new service to add.

Why Jargon Feeds on Lazy Minds: Someone finally put into words why I hate jargon. We don’t need it.

Five Habits of Highly Effective Communicators: Almost more of a management article, this should be required reading for new MLIS holders (particularly those with little to no experience) who are supervising long-time employees.

(Shameless self promotion) My recap of a recent Girl Geek Dinners event here in Philadelphia. The theme of this talk was “Growing a passion into a biz + maintaining a 9-5 work-life balance.” Great tips for anyone trying to balance work, a side project or school, family, cats, and sanity.

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