Weekly Links

Great links for librarians

Some of the best from outside Libraryland this week.

10 Ways to Make Life Good Again: Full of #librarianstress? Take a deep breath and prepare to bring the good times back.

Beware of Reactionary Workflow: Is your workday proactive or reactive? A good argument for focusing your energy on the bigger tasks.

Defeating Busy: Better time management = better work and happier people. I’m looking forward to trying a few of these tips.

Jargon is hurting your company’s bottom line: Can I be honest? There are a lot of library and tech-related acronyms and terms *I* don’t know. What does that mean for our users? Nothing good.

Social media is not your saving grace: Being on a social network for the sake of being there is not going to turn your library into a magical millennial-friendly space. Have expectations and goals to deliver value in that realm.

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