Weekly Links

Great links for librarians, the post-tournament* edition

*The tournament, in terms of massive time commitment on my part, is considered over once Kansas loses. I’ll still watch, but now from the comfort of my own home.

Now that the NCAA tournament is winding down, I found myself with a lot of reading time this week. Or catching up on the Internet since March 21.

For inspiration during a faux spring week:

Things I Would Tell My Younger Self: On the value of believing in yourself, getting going, and sandwiches. Never underestimate the value of a sandwich.

For better time management:

Why You Never Finish Your To Do Lists at Work and How To Change That: I’m feeling especially motivated by nos. 2 and 3. And before you balk at finishing to-do lists with a lot of variable-effort responsibilities on your plate (ref desk, anyone?), take note: “If your position is one where each day brings lots of unexpected tasks, try leaving one medium and two small tasks blank, in preparation for the last-minute requests from your boss.” Or students and faculty. Same thing, really.

If You’re Always Busy, You May Just Be Procrastinating: Having lots to do (or making lots of things to do) does not equal busy. The “I’m the most stressed and busiest person in the room” game is not one you should aspire to win.

For thinking bigger and better:

How To Think Like An Engineer: This has long been my view on learning to code. It’s a different way of thinking. Master that, and you can apply that thinking strategy to your organization’s toughest challenges. I should add that even a tiny bit of programming know-how will have a positive effect on your working relationships with the coding folks, but the bigger benefits are in the shift in mindset.

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