Weekly Links

Great Links for Librarians, Grabbag Edition

This was a crazy week. My reading was all over the place, as a result, and my apologies as you skip from one thought to another right along with me.

How to act on what you read: Crucial information for us binge readers. Between my to-read pile and my obsessive blog reading, it’s essential I be able to process and use all the information.

Take control of your personal brand: Much more than just your brand, but creating a whole new you for the next step in your career.

How to ask for great advice (and get it!): I had two wonderful networking coffee meetings this week, and this advice is spot on for preparing for and following up on these meetings.

Busy is the new lazy: Much like stress, busyness is not a game. Let’s stop making it one. Maybe we can all finish our work in time for dinner.

Trying to motivate people to change? Reward them.: Beef up your marketing with a clearer answer to “What’s in it for me?”.

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