Weekly Links

Great links for librarians, the new weekly (no longer monthly!) edition

After my recent post on wanting to read, write, learn and share more, it’s only fitting that I sneak in a few weeks’ worth of links. About everything.

How to get things done (a flowchart): A simple tool to kick yourself into gear. It’s much easier than you think.

Better meetings: BLUF and the three WHATS: The military knows how to get things done. Two seriously simple approaches to better (and shorter!) meetings.

Don’t let endless meetings derail decision-making: As someone who recently sat through a meeting about meetings about meetings, I beg you. Let’s DO something.

6 things you control that are impacting your job performance: We control more than we think. Helpful in rethinking how I approach my job in a crowded (and sometimes a bit chaotic) office.

Three tips for becoming an energizer: How to go about controlling some of those things from the first link. Set aside the negative energy; strive for a more positive existence in the workplace.

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