In the Workplace

#alamw14: Some questions

From the conference, from Twitter, and from conversation.

WHY is the big question HOW? Do we spend enough time talking about the underlying motivators of our actions? (Guerrilla Storytime executed this perfectly. I learned a ton by lurking on the side and smiled a lot in the process.)

How do we bring library assessment into the digital age? Are online reference, presentations, etc., getting the credit they deserve? I’ve long been a proponent of highlighting actual library use, rather than focusing on physical data (cough, circulation statistic, cough). It’s good to have a clear picture of what’s going on, but if you are doing good work, you need to gather the statistics that back that up.

What kinds of research are happening before new services are implemented? Does the shiny new thing meet a stated need?

How do you know when to stop?

Re: librarians in the LMS. Do you have the relationship with the people running the show to get the access you need? And more importantly, do you have the knowledge you need to have a conversation with them about what’s possible?

How do we facilitate experimentation? If I want to try a new tool, who can help me? Let’s find a way to work together more. As much fun as it is to chat with yourself in four browsers on three computers, why not take the opportunity to connect with someone else? You’ll learn more and have some fun in the process.

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