Weekly Links

Return of the links!

Three weeks down at the new job, many more to go! Summer officially kicks off next week (in my library, at least), and it’s about to get CRAZY! Are you ready?

Tapping into empathy. “One of the kindest things you can do for your customers is to take time to really see them.”

Are you suffering from second-hand stress? It’s a thing. Learn how to protect yourself from nearby stress.

Search vs. discovery. I *love* this post from Seth Godin. Libraries should strive to enable the latter.

What enhanced e-books can do for scholarly authors. In my opinion, this is how history can be taught. Read primary sources and look at relevant readings and images alongside the “traditional” text. Why isn’t everyone already doing this? (Besides money.)

The last good-bye: how to shut down a failing product. Because sometimes, you need to stop doing things. And that’s OK. This article is geared toward big services, but it is a useful checklist for projects of any size.

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