Instant Replay

Jake: But Miss! She pushed me first. I want you to review this.

Fictional Jay Bilas: The librarians are going to the instant replay station to see who pushed whom in violation of the library’s policy.

As a reminder, the library’s behavior policy bans disruptive and unsafe behavior, including hitting, pushing and shoving. This should be an easy decision, but let’s check in with our expert, former Head Librarian Joyce, in New York.

Joyce: It should be a fairly simple decision in terms of whether or not the action violated the policy, but it’s hard to say whether Sarah pushed or shoved Jake. That could affect her ability to further appeal this decision but both parties should be sent home for the day.

Jay: Thanks, Joyce. Back to the Head Librarian in the library for the call.

Head Librarian: After reviewing the incident, there are two penalties here. On person #1, a one-day suspension for pushing. On person #2, also a one-day suspension for pushing in the library.

The penalties do *not* offset, and all parties need to leave for the remainder of the day.

Jay: And there you have it. Let’s take a look at the teen section to check in on today’s Minecraft scores.

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