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Great Links for Librarians

The post-holiday back-to-work rush finally caught up with me this week, and I’ve spent more time than usual relaxing and letting my mind rest. As a result, the regular weekly roundup of links is not to be.

I have taken some of this downtime to reflect on the future of library websites.

One departmental library has already launched a redesigned site, and my department likely will be doing the same later this spring. Our current website has been accumulating for years without any clear strategy. I’m hoping to change that and improve the usability of our site (which is the home to all of our DIY documentation) with a much simpler home page.

The Onion’s brand of satire occasionally hits an issue perfectly, and simplicity on the web is no exception in “Internet Users Demand Less Interactivity.” I want our new home page to get users to the information they need quickly, rather than pepper them with every possible option. I hope starting from scratch also will help us rethink our documentation structure and writing style, getting rid of jargon and awkward phrasing and terminology. It’s a lot of work, but the potential benefits are worth it, and I’m looking forward to getting started.

On that note, here are some articles for further reflection:

Removing library jargon from our home page — what Google Analytics tells us

xkcd: University Website

The Benefits of Less

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