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How to lead a meeting, and other great links for librarians

If you follow me on Twitter, you know how much I hate poorly run meetings. As a result, I am constantly striving to run better meetings myself. I have two rules: 1. Cookies. 2. Agendas. Agendaless meetings are disasters before they begin. They waste time and can even create more problems than they solve.

We start our weekly links at Inc., where Steve Tobak shares six tips for leading a great meeting.

Other great reads from this week:

7 ineffective habits of scientists who communicate with public audiences: This article was written for scientists but applies equally to librarians. Lose the jargon!

An Event Apart: Silo-Busting with Scenarios: I was introduced to Luke Wroblewski’s work through my local UX book club chapter when we read his book Mobile First. Luke attends a number of fascinating conferences each year and is always generous with sharing his notes from each talk. This particular talk addressed problem solving through scenarios to break us out of our silos. This could help us break across the barriers between circ, reference, tech services, IT, etc., in libraries to best serve our patrons, regardless of where they start their question.

How Can You Communicate With More Authority as a Manager? Many newer librarians (myself included) often end up supervising those who are older and more experienced than ourselves. Alison Green shares some concrete examples here of how to better assert yourself in management and leadership roles.

What business are you in? As we continue to explore the future of libraries, it’s good to explore our purpose. Are we in the book business? The teaching business? The helping business? Or something else entirely?

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