Weekly Links

Managing your time, and more great links for librarians

Time management is always a struggle, especially in libraries where we often cannot predict how our days will play out and where we might be doing two or more jobs. Here are two articles to help manage your time:

The 5 Types of Work That Fill Your Day: If you’re like most librarians, you likely spend most of your day on reactionary tasks. But there is hope — audit your work, and better balance your time.

Break Your Addiction to Meetings: Check out the awesome decision tree in this post.

This week also includes a strong set of marketing and messaging posts:

Building A Brand Versus Selling A Commodity: Love this definition of brand

4 ways to find — and replace — jargon in your writing: Now that we have identified jargon, it’s time to fix the problem.

Message isn’t working? Here’s a three-point diagnosis: See #2. Your message is for your USERS, not for other librarians.

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