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The only two things librarians need to read about QR codes, and one experiment that might prove me wrong


QR codes. Are we really still talking about this? Yes? OK, fine.

My thoughts can be summed up in two ways.

  1. Should I Use A QR Code?
  2. Implementing QR Codes in Libraries


I finally had the opportunity to see the Free Library of Philadelphia’s Virtual Free Library at Suburban Station. As both a Regional Rail rider and avid FLP user, I had been really interested in this project, even though it wasn’t at my primary station. And then I saw the QR codes. I’ve had my iPhone for more than a year and a half, and I still don’t have a code reader. I understand the appeal here — people need quick and easy access to the information so they can get the materials before their train arrives — but I’ll still be curious to see just how much use the codes get versus the simple (yet harder to find) URL.

I keep waiting for someone to prove me wrong on the usefulness of QR codes. Maybe FLP will be the one.

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