Weekly Links

Great links for librarians, “It’s May?!?” edition

Wow, hello, end of the semester! Here’s what I’ve been reading in between all sorts of craziness.

What’s my brand identity and how do I communicate it? Yes, your library does have a brand, but do you know what it is? This post will walk you through how to identify and leverage your brand.

How to plan when you are already doing it: Story of my social media life.

How to explain your career transition: An interesting take on what most of us do when entering librarianship. Bring your whole history to the table, not just what you’ve done since getting your MLIS. (n.b. Using your prior experience can make amazing things happen in your world. Trust me!)

10 things every customer wants: A summary of recent research on customer behavior. Lots to be learned by libraries in this list.

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