Derisive cat in box

#boxwatch2015: In which I bring home a box for Thelma

Background: Since she moved in last year, Thelma has frequently fit in boxes but will not sit in them. The one exception has been copy paper boxes. Her fits-and-sits have been few and far between (I did a double-take the first time she did it), and with a copy paper box just sitting in the recycling pile at work, I had to see what would happen. This is our evening. 

7:15pm Cat sitting near box
7:45pm Cat Ignores Box
8:45pm Playing Next To Box
Cat follows string into box
Chasing the string. We’re in!

Cat in box

Derisive cat in box
This look perfectly captures Thelma’s feeling about boxes. Fine, human, I’m in the box – why am I doing this?
Cat walks next to box
And she’s out.
Cat Hides Behind Box
She doesn’t get the hype of “If I fits, I sits,” but this box is the perfect mid-living room obstacle for some pouncing practice.

Apologies for the messy living room. One does not plan ahead for such photographic masterpieces.

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