The Adventures of Rexy and Blue, Part 1

Guys, I wrote my first fan fiction! I loved the end of Jurassic World, and I had to know what came next for Rexy, the T. rex, and Blue, the velociraptor. This is their story.


Chapter 1: Rexy

It was good to be the queen.

At least that’s what Rexy told herself.

In the months since humans had once again fled her island, Rexy had found freedom, well, boring. And hard.

Yes, she was the top of the food chain, especially now that the little bitch Indominus Whatever was dead. But the hybrid’s killing streak had seriously cut into Rexy’s food options. Oh, what she would give for a fresh goat! Muscle and flavor and no freaking feathers. Her mouth began to water, but she quickly pushed the thought from her mind. Hunting birds, which had become her main food source, was tedious, and so much work for so little reward. No, she would wait until a better opportunity presented itself.

Rexy was used to being alone, but the loneliness didn’t pair well with hunger. Her exploration of the human areas had given her hints where tastier meals might be hidden. She really wanted to see if her hunch was right, if there was a whole barn of goats, hers for the taking. There was just one problem.

She couldn’t open the damn door.

Twenty-plus years, and her stature had never not worked for her. She was strong and fierce and made to be a predator. To be stopped by something so basic, so … HUMAN was embarrassing.

There had to be a way. “Life always finds a way,” she heard a human voice chirp in her head.

When Rexy was young, she heard rumors of a velociraptor opening a door in the main compound. She was a particularly cunning and ferocious raptor — an almost-hero. Rexy did not worship lesser predators, especially ones who attacked her. Little bitches, all of them. But maybe she didn’t need to worship them. Maybe she could play the same game the Indominus did, get one of them to do her bidding.

She needed to find Blue.

Blue, the last surviving velociraptor on the island and a worthy ally in battle. It was only with Blue’s help that Rexy had beaten the hybrid T. rex/raptor/everything evil. Another alliance could mean food. Real food. Her search for Blue was on.

Continued in Chapter Two!

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