The Adventures of Rexy and Blue, Part 3

As predicted, these two are pretty fun to spend time with. See Chapters 1 and 2 to meet our lovely ladies.


Chapter 3

“I’m here to propose an alliance,” Rexy roared. The meaning was communicated mostly nonverbally. Dinosaurs can’t talk.

“Please tell me you’re not proposing one of those sex things that was all over Amazon last year,” Blue said.

“Not all dinosaurs are sex fiends. Geez.”

“Just checking. I mean, that billionaire dinosaur turned that one guy gay. A little dino-on-dino action wouldn’t be that far fetched.”

“Can we focus on the bigger problem?” Rexy said. “I saw you eating a bird. You know as well as I do that that is *not* food. Luckily, I know just where to get some. Food, that is.”

“And you’re here why?”

Blue didn’t like throwing so much sass at the bigger creature, but she was suspicious. Rexy was rumored to have killed velociraptors in the past, and Blue wasn’t suicidal.

Rexy grumbled in reply.

“What?” Blue asked.

“I can’t open the door!”

Rexy dropped her head and lifted her claws, something she had seen the humans do from time to time when things got bad. It didn’t look the same for her, but it suited her current mood.

“Oh,” Blue replied. “And you think I can?”

“I know you can. The raptors who were here before — I heard them talking about it. Your claws are perfect for the task. Open this door, and we’ll have a steady supply of fresh goats. Warm, chewy meat. Just think about it, OK?”

Blue stared up at the T. rex. She had never opened a door before. The ones in her pen were controlled by humans out of her reach. But goats. Damn, that sounded good, and she had just eaten.

“OK, I’m in,” Blue said. “After all, we carnivores need to stick together. Lead the way.”

The two predators set out through the forest in the direction of the compound. It was going to be a great night on Isla Nublar.

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