The Adventures of Rexy and Blue, Part 2

The next installment to The Adventures of Rexy and Blue!

You asked for more, and I just kept writing! My research is getting weaker as the night progresses. There’s only so much Wikipedia I can read in one night.

(Want to learn about dinosaurs with me? There’s a MOOC starting in January!)

Chapter 2: Blue

Blue was alone.

No Owen. No Alpha. No Charlie. No Delta. Not even Echo. No pack whatsoever.

It was hard work doing five jobs. In a velociraptor pack, everyone had a job. Find, swarm, herd, intimidate, kill. Blue was responsible for all of these things now. Yes, she was a strong independent velociraptor, but was a little bit of a break too much to ask for?

Exhausted, Blue chomped on her most recent kill, a bony yet nutritious bird. It worked, she guessed. There was protein and it filled her up. She missed the meals from the pen, even though she didn’t miss the pen itself.

Now if only she had a purpose. A job. Something to occupy her days and keep her from this blah survival mode she had fallen into when the rest of her pack had been murdered.

As she swallowed her last bite of bony bird, Blue felt the ground shake. And then stop. Shake, and stop. This was probably not good, even for a dinosaur with her speed. But the roar that followed was … friendly?

Dinosaurs were pack animals, and despite what the humans had tried to make happen in the giant movies they showed every Friday night, dinosaurs just didn’t hang out with other kinds of dinosaurs. Blue knew the T. rex. They had fought together, after all. But afterwards, Rexy had let her go, and Blue wasn’t about to hang around. Life > death, even if it was a lonely life.

Now in the woods, Blue didn’t think she could get away. She turned around and waited, wondering what had Rexy in such a good mood. She didn’t have to wait long.

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