The Adventures of Rexy and Blue, Part 2

The next installment to The Adventures of Rexy and Blue!

You asked for more, and I just kept writing! My research is getting weaker as the night progresses. There’s only so much Wikipedia I can read in one night.

(Want to learn about dinosaurs with me? There’s a MOOC starting in January!)

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User Experience

Creating Joy

Last month, I ordered a giant photo print for my apartment and had it shipped to work. As soon as it arrived, my coworkers swarmed. “There’s a package on your desk. It has DINOSAURS!”

FullSizeRender(1)Photojojo always makes me smile. And while I love the photo print, the memory stuck in my mind is how excited my coworkers were. One moment in a long work day but enough joy to brighten a dreary day weeks later.

And was there a dinosaur? Absolutely.

Dinosaur figure

Sometimes it takes something a little unusual to bring about a smile: an interesting architectural detail, a fun display, or even something as simple as a new toy. How are you creating joy for your customers?

p.s. The new dinosaur is happily settled with my Photojojo Brachiosaurus at home. It’s a very happy bookshelf.